Hello world!

As I walked into the lobby, my heart was racing, my palms were sweating and my throat felt congested as if there was something that needed to come out. I felt so nervous, I couldn’t even distract myself. I tried to pick up a magazine to put my mind at ease, but I was flickering through the pages so aimlessly. I saw a photo of Skepta and Naomi Campbell and they seemed to be holding each other closely, I never really had an interest in celebrities but I found Naomi so intriguing, even if I didn’t find her beautiful, I was staring at the page wondering what it was about her that attracted so many people. Maybe it was her large eyes or maybe the fact you could practically feel her aura as she was staring at you. I snapped out of my trance when I felt a cool breeze on my ankle, the rotating doors were moving, he was pushing them, then he finally entered the reception area and noticed me.

When he saw me, he grinned and looked at me from head to toe. I stood up and suddenly, I had a rush of pressure to my brain, I was almost completely black, I was so close to fainting. It was my anemia kicking in, I had to pretend I was fine, so I grasped the armchair I was on for a few seconds then got up gracefully. He was at arm’s length from me, when he suddenly stopped, looked at me, glanced at the receptionist then pulled me in to kiss me. The way he pulled me in was very passionate, he grabbed me by the pack of my hair and planted a peck on my soft lips. His hands then traveled from my nuke to my lower back as he pulled me even closer. He stared at me for about 3 seconds then took put my hand around his pinky finger. I had very small hands, all I could think about was the fact he was probably regretting holding my sweat-drenched finger.

He took me into the elevator, pressed 16 and then the button which closed the
doors very quickly. What I found weird was the fact he hadn’t yet uttered a single word. But by the way, he was looking at me, I could already guess what he wanted. The elevator ride felt like forever, passing every floor ever so slowly, with a loud “ding” sound every time we reached a new floor. I thought he was going to kiss me or at least talk to me. Unfortunately, he ignored me, let go of my hand and was staring at his phone, he was typing very quickly, it almost felt like someone had agitated him. The only sound he let out was a loud sigh, then he locked his phone and looked at the marble floor. I don’t think he realized I was staring at him, he always loathed people who looked at him for longer than 5 seconds, he never made eye contact for a long time either. He always said that “the eyes say it all, I only want people to know so much about me”. In hindsight, I should have realized that was a red flag, I confused his lack of transparency with mysteriousness. The final “ding” sound arrived, the doors opened slowly, he took a step forward then suddenly stopped. He put his hand on the rail in the elevator and said; “That was very rude of me, ladies first.” I smiled then left the elevator. I was wearing thick black heels, which made a loud sound every time my feet hit the floor, I think he was slightly irritated by the sound but tried to hide it so I wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

He took his keys out of the back pocket of his jeans then opened the door. It was quite heavy so he always entered before me because I was too small and weak to push it open. Little did I know, what I was about to see was going to scar me for life. I walked into the living room. Saw the piano and ran to it, I always found it beautiful. I find men who play instruments very attractive. How could you learn a talent? Not everyone can do it. I slowly ran my fingers on the keys, they were a bit dusty. But not the type of grey dust that sticks to your fingers, it was light dust that you could blow away with a single breath. He caressed my ring finger, I had a scar on it. I always hated that scar, I got it when I was seventeen, trying to cut an onion but sliced my finger open instead. He looked at me in the eyes for about ten seconds which was rather unusual because as I said previously, he hates eye contact. Then he pulled me in and kissed me. It was a peck, but it was so intense. I was a bit confused. It felt like the type of kiss you would plant on your lover if you knew you wouldn’t be able to ever hold them in your arms again. He then took me into his arms and cradled me like a baby. He was whispering, it was a series of indistinct sentences.
It took me a while before I realized he was praying. What could he possibly have been praying for? We were safe in an apartment filled with security and CCTV cameras in every corner, what could he possibly be afraid of? Suddenly I reached out to hold his hand and he pushed mine away. He removed me from his lap, got up from where we were seated and said “I have never been good with goodbyes, I don’t like letting go, it hurts me so much to have to do this. You were my favorite”. I was extremely discombobulated, I didn’t even know what I could possibly ask him, I had so many questions. He then took my hand, I tried to let go but he smiled at me, it was the first time in a long time I had gotten a proper smile, it felt like home. I didn’t even feel worried about anything anymore, in hindsight, I realize I should have ran while I still had a chance. He led me downstairs, I had never been to that floor of his house, I thought maybe it was a cinema room. I saw a small door at the end of the hall, the walk leading to the door was so peaceful, he made me feel at ease.

He opened the door, looked at me, then I heard a very high-pitched scream. My heart dropped when I saw what he had been hiding…