In 2016, Rick Owens had models going down the runway carrying other models/gymnasts. It attracted quite a lot of attention because who would even think to do that? He didn’t really explain the interpretation behind it but did mention that the straps were supposed to be
liberating rather than restraining and it could allude to childbirth/ pregnancy, he also mentioned that “straps becoming loving ribbons”. Lack of interpretation is only better for writers because it leaves a lot of room for us to make our own.

I think this could also be interpreted as carrying another person’s trauma on your back. Really heavy, right? A lot of times when we try to help people, we find ourselves empathizing with them to a point where we feel their pain. This can be very unhealthy because we get triggered by another’s situation and no longer know how to help them or how to heal ourselves. When you’re so close to a person, their sadness begins to affect you, change you and lower your mood, that’s why it’s important to know when to help someone, but also when to stop. Learn to catch these things early, or else you won’t be able to differentiate your own feelings from theirs and it will end up clouding your judgment, or even worse, the thing you’ve been repressing will come back to light. As the saying goes “stop taking Panadol for another person’s headache”.

It is important to help others but you shouldn’t carry the burden of another person on your shoulders. Not only will it weigh you down emotionally but you will lose yourself in the process of trying to help another person. This is why they always say put on your OWN safety mask before helping others in airline safety videos. Sometimes you just can’t offer help to others, not because you’re a bad person, but because you don’t want to hurt yourself. This is why sometimes I am unable to give advice to people because things hit too close to home and trigger a negative reaction.

This can also be seen in another light. People will give you a type of advice called “tough love”, not because they hate you but because that’s as much as they can do for someone in your situation. Don’t confuse lack of understanding with lack of love. It is so easy to react quickly and give someone advice with lack of empathy and emotion. Telling yourself, “that could never be me”, change this thinking process because karma and life have a funny way of turning situations around, what you should be saying is “I hope I don’t end up in the same situation”. You never truly understand a person’s trauma until you have to endure it yourself.

I think as you grow older, you begin to realize what your purpose in life is; for a lot of people it is helping others. Sometimes you wonder, why do these awful things always happen to me and constantly feel like a victim, but much later you will realize it is because you were meant to help others avoid making the same mistakes you did, be a buttress and a healer to them. You can heal only help a person who is ready to give up their bad habits, or else you are wasting your energy, sometimes you have to act like a witness because you can’t change a person who refuses to see their faults, it will drive you crazy. Some people might not even recognize how much you did to help them, they seem ungrateful almost, you just have to remember you do not help others for recognition.