Manifestation can be defined as an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical. For me, manifesting is telling myself all the things I want and seeing them come to life.

How does one practice manifestation? There is no strict or set way to manifest.
When you want something, you have to focus on that thing, visualize yourself in a situation in which it is happening, like if you’re manifesting a job, try to picture the exact location of your office. Another way to manifest is by watching shows which relate to what you want to manifest or creating a mood board; for example, an album on your phone where you put photos which are how you want your new house to look. My favorite ways to manifest are by speaking things into existence and by writing my goals down in a journal. The trick to doing this is speaking as if that thing is already yours so for example “I am living such a great and happy life” rather than “I want to live a great and happy life”.

Sometimes you may feel like what you are manifesting isn’t coming to life, there are many reasons why they are taking time to manifest. Firstly, you are probably using manifestation to rush something you want. Don’t. Manifestation is like a car ride, constantly asking “are we there yet?’ is not going to get you any closer to your destination. What you need to be doing is enjoying the journey, the scenery and having fun with it. Another reason why your manifestation might not work is because, you are not expressing gratitude for the things you already have. Try to make it a habit of waking up every morning and expressing three things you are grateful for.

The most important aspect of manifestation is being able to exercise patience. A lot of people give up on manifestation because they don’t see immediate results. I have manifested things in 2017 which only came to life in 2019 and I am grateful it took so long because I realized you have to be ready to accept good things into your life and believe you deserve them. It is completely normal to feel anxious and have doubts about your manifestation, which is why obsession will only worsen how you feel, you have to realize that after you manifest it is no longer in your hands, you just need to keep going with your day and distract yourself. You have to be so confident in your manifestations that you know that no matter how unrealistic it may seem now, you can achieve it. There are times you may be unsatisfied with what you manifested, because sometimes life gives you exactly what you want to show you it’s what you DON’T NEED. Other times, you don’t get what you manifested but you get something far better.

It is essential that you have an exact idea of what you want or else you will only sort of kind of get something that doesn’t really look like what you want. A lot of people do not have your best interest in heart and may subconsciously try to manifest against you. This is why it is important to not reveal your plans to anyone before they come to life, and even if you choose to do so, make sure it is someone you trust completely and wholly. Also, I don’t think some people can manifest while other can’t, it all comes down to the things listed in the last paragraph, you just have to find the technique that works best for you. Make sure to focus on positive things because the same way manifestation occurs when you fixate on good things; can also happen for bad things so please try to let go of negative things.

I don’t think there is a physical way to explain manifestation because part of manifestation is belief and faith. I wish I could make sense of it scientifically but I literally can’t. One thing I can say is that seeing the things you spoke into existence coming to life is one of the most exquisite feelings in the entire world.